Some of my recent work.

  • Art


  • Drawings


  • Stilt


  • Wildfang


    Wildfang is the first product for the “living furniture” collection. This lamp has got character. With an animated appearance Wildfang is part of your family.

  • Tubular Font

    Tubular Font

    For the “Jennifer Binek Industrial Design” Logo, I developed a font out of capitals.

  • Tree Trunk Table

    Tree Trunk Table

    This living room table brings a piece of nature to your home. It is decorative but modern without being country-style.

  • Sticklicht


    This lamp is made out of two embroidery hoops covered with fabric. The embroidery hoops with the fixed fabric and a special curved needle that will be delivered with Sticklicht allows customers to embroider the lamp to their heart’s delight.

  • MSE filter presses

    MSE filter presses

    The MSE filter presses have a  massive appearance. They work with giant force and reach high pressures. But this force concentrates horizontally between the filter plates. Hence the new design […]

  • Mini Ball Pen

    Mini Ball Pen

    This short ball pen has been developed to fit in every pocket. You can use the cap to extend the length to a standard pen length. Therefore the cap can […]

  • Memento


    Memento is jewellery for women with the ability of capturing active moments of life. Through movement linear generators charge the battery. By the time the battery is fully charged it releases and a picture will be taken.

  • Lounge(s)eat Venamo

    Lounge(s)eat Venamo

    Venamo is a stackable lounge chair that guarantees a comfortable sitting position for relaxing on the one hand and eating on the other hand. Designed especially for gastronomical usage it […]

  • Glassline No.1

    Glassline No.1

    Changing Brands – Breakfast Machines Under Foreign Flags The concept behind this innovative and clean design was creating a toaster for a furniture brand. Wood and glass are the two […]

  • CNC vertical milling machine

    CNC vertical milling machine

    A new design concept for the vertical milling machine for Lehmann Präzision GmbH has been developed. The use of the company colour blue has been reduced to achieve a calmer […]

  • Bockblock


    The single washbasin is made out of ceramics and wood – optional with a metal frame instead of a wood frame. It can stand alone or in row if desired. […]

  • Animation


    Here you can see how the Glassline No1. toaster works.  

  • 3E Corporate Identity

    3E Corporate Identity

    The corporate identity for the newly founded associated companies 3Emotion Ventures GmbH and 3E-cad Ventures GmbH has been developed. It includes the logos, business cards and company letterheads. They all […]

  • Macoko


    The brand Macoko was established to build the basis for a collection of 6 glasses and 2 sunglasses. Its strategy is based on an in-depth market analysis. During the research […]